Commissioned by the Quiet Music Festival 2008, Cork, Ireland with funds provided by the Arts Council of Ireland, Medium is a musical work for a quartet of any four instrumentalists or vocalists who rigorously interpret its score-a mercurial spray of pictographs whose precise definition as musical specifications is left entirely up to its performers. The work consists of a number of separate leaves-pages hand-drawn using pens, drafting templates, French curves, and straight edges. Some of the leaves serve as accompaniment figures while others are arranged in any order and function as ingress and
egress canons during which players enter and exit the stage. The main section of the piece, however, is its "quartet," a series of sixteen bound pages that suggest a continuous musical discourse. The score, while unconventional, does not invite improvisation; instead, players are charged with the task of predetermining a thoughtful means to sonify (with exactitude) an inferred

There are several mediums at play: the work is multi-media as it resides equally in the realms of visual art and music. The score itself is a medium-it presents a conceptual substance through which the expressive energy of creative musicians must pass; and, as a non-standard notation presented to imaginative, inventive performers, it is as much a musical filter as a musical
prescription. A performance might loosely evoke the realm of idiosyncratic ritual (the result of imagistic, alchemical proposals) akin to the eccentricities of an
intermediary vehicle through which the dead are (allegedly) channeled. And lastly, the work represents a middle state between spatial right and left, between the ceremony of performance and the routine of not performance.

Medium - Mark Applebaum (2008)
Mark Applebaum (piano), CCRMA
Diana Siwiak (flute), CCRMA
Pedro Rebelo (piano), SARC
Franziska Schroeder (saxes), SARC

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