Submission for "Sound for the Moving Image: The Past Re-imagined As The Future." ( a Free Music Archive/Prelinger archive initiative.

This video was inspired by the recent American election.

The following works were referenced in this video:
New York World's Fair 1939-40 (Additional Footage)
By Philip Medicus []

Fashion Horizons (1940) Producer: Donahue (Harry D.) []

Humphrey Campaign (1968). Producer: Brandt (Harry) []

Cool Hot Rod B. Publisher Sid Davis Productions 1953 []

Croft Collection: Reel 80, House Ext and Int (1960 circa).
Prelinger Collection []

Speech: The Function of Gestures. Producer: Centron Corporation []

United Railroads Employees Strike 1917 Unknown creator[]
Tuesday in November 1945. U.S. Office of War Information []

OnGuard 1956. IBM Corporation, Military Products Division []

Television Commercials Not Made By Me. Prelinger Collection []

Obama victory hug.

Music: United State by Dwoogie []

This video is licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike licence.

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