Street Sport and Street Art expressed in the form of vandalism and wear and tear materials.
Graffiti is considered as vandalism too, and for me it is a tattoo on an object, which affects its character visually, similar to humans.

My main goal is to create objects which invite interaction with the public around them, and can take any corrupted vandalism without looking debased in character in the environment which we live in. Over time get a new identity of form and functionality.

A new technique which creates pixels images, which bound layers of wood in the original shades as a palette of organic colors.
The wooden object includes my Creation as mine "tattoo", and can accept vandalism without losing its Characters.

The material of the objects associated with street (wood).
The texture created is not two-dimensional, but three-dimensional.
The "design object" (furniture piece) made by a union of almost 1500 different tree parts to create a organic picture.
The "plywood object" (Skate - Board) simulates the same technique in industrial production.

(c) 2012 All rights reserved Chen Turgeman

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