UPDATE: The Christmas Chord has been voted video of the month for January 2013 by the Institute of Videographers!

UPDATE: The Christmas Chord came second in ITN's 2012 Nativity Factor competition! Here are some of the fantastic comments the judges made about it:

"This simple but effective production is clear and direct with its message. The clever modern poetry style of the presentation and the graphics make it feel current and relevant to a universal audience."
- Emma Read, ITN Productions

"This was an exceptionally clever re-telling of the greatest story ever told! It was well written, beautifully performed, simple, fun, heartfelt and moving. I loved it!"
- Deborah Isitt, Writer and Director of Nativity! and Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger

"I loved this - and it was a masterpiece of poetry and performance... It thoroughly explored the message of the Nativity and used innovative, clever ways of doing it. I loved the graphics floated over the real footage - especially the 'King of Hearts' image at the end."
- Julie Etchingham, ITV News


Ever taken the time to think through what Christmas is all about? Beyond turkey with stuffing balls and cranberry sauce, beyond party hats and cracker 'jokes', beyond pine needles and cracked chestnuts...what is the one cord which holds Christmas together?

This is a spoken word piece about the first Christmas story and it is a gift to watch, share, enjoy and be reminded - of the true meaning of Christmas.

Written and performed by Dai Woolridge
(Creative Director; Going Public Theatre Company, @twitwitandgrit)

Please e-mail with any feedback to: daiwoolridge@gmail.com

(Filmed and edited by Andy Toovey
of 2Vdesign.co.uk)

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