Moscars al-Hurria International Film Festival Round III, April 2013, Egypt (won Best Short, voted by the audience)
Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival, October 2012, Atlanta, USA (won Director's choice award)
Tight Shorts Film Festival - Finals, July 2012, London, UK
Tight Shorts Film Festival, May 2012, London, UK
Fort Myers Film Festival, Mar 2012, Florida, USA
Shortcuz Film Festival, Nov 2011, London, UK
Tuscia Film Festival, Nov 2011, Viterbo, Italy (won Jury Prize)
REDCAT Showcase, Roy and Edna Disney Theatre, May 2011, Los Angeles, USA

13 min HD B&W
inspired by the short story “La Giacca” by Dino Buzzati

Claudia is a lonely, young, directionless New Yorker who fell into a career as a commercial real estate appraiser. Intimidated by the wealth she encounters daily, she splurges on a custom made jacket. She quickly discovers the jacket has an unusual quality: it has a pocket that produces a bottomless well of $20 bills. As she begins to transform her working class life into one of opulence, the price of her new 'free' money begins to haunt her until she faces the truth about what she actually values.

Jennifer Hope
Wayne Adams
Geoffrey Orion Poppler
Zonia Pelensky
Dave Ronson
Lilli Zaunner
Ray Chao
Monique Ji
Keli Lang
Saswata Bendi
Liza Colby

Director Maria Pia Fanigliulo
DoP Joseph Rubino
Title Sequence Kegan Mc Gurk
Sound Anthony Juno
Editor Alberto Masi
Sound editing& mix Brian Flood
Prop master Zonia Pelensky
Vfx Jeffrey Shroyer
Script revisions Lilli Zaunner, Chiara Fanigliulo, Tavet Gillson
Graphics Tavet Gillson

DJ Vitalic
(used with permission)

Made possible thanks to
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Angela Lacava, Marco Milani, Antonio Fanigliulo, Alonso Homs, Subvoyant, Off Hollywood, Camilla Staerk, Bond 07 NYC, Blacktree LTD, Mangiami

Huge thanks to
Jason Cacioppo, Lilli Zaunner, Giulia Caruso, Alonso Homs, Mom & Dad, Marco Milani, Chiara Fanigliulo,
Zonia Pelensky, Angel and Camilla, Jeffrey Shroyer, Pacino Bing, Aldey Sanchez, Valentina Vasi, Vittoria Valzania, McDuff St LA, Jeff Schaum, Harold Hyde, Deborah Lavine, Lee Anne Schmitt, Berenice Reynaud, Buzzati, DJ Vitalic, Weegee

Filmed in NYC

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