Hmm what do you want to believe? Ha I already know. You believe in people, you want to believe in the earth and nature you want to believe love is important, if you love yourself first. You believe if you give then that's enough! You believe that to believe is a gift. We are a gift. Stand up be proud and believe, in people, in tomorrow, in time. Believe in now, believe in today. Do what you say. So tell all your friends not to tell anyone.

undergroundsundae.com/ | facebook.com/undergroundsundae

Directed by: FEMME HYSTERIQUE | femmehysterique.com/ | facebook.com/pages/Femme-Hysterique
Produced by: Motion Sickness Studio | motionsicknessstudio.com | facebook.com/studiomotionsickness
Styling: Anne-Mieke Ytsma and Amy Parsons-King
Make-up: Lauren Wells
Model: Melana @ ICAN.
Artwork: Harley Jones
Music: Concrete by The Mothers of Darkness

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