Please check out our kick starter.

We are a husband/wife team raising funding to outfit our studio with a darkroom specifically geared toward wet plate collodion.

This started from us laying in bed reading alternative process books to each other, to saving enough to take Christopher James Advanced Alternative Process course in Santa Fe, to your generosity lifting us up. The only thing that can stop us is not spreading the word. We believe it's going to take a lot of people giving a little.

So here's the pitch. We have the space. You know we have the ambition. We even have the technical knowledge of chemistry to run and maintain it. We simply don't have the start up to make this dream happen for us.

If you are unfamiliar with the wet plate process, here's a quick explanation. The process was developed in the 1800s. The "film" is hand poured on every image. The base of the film is either metal or glass. Collodion is poured onto the plate (not the easiest of tasks), then the plate is made light sensitive with a silver nitrate bath. After sensitizing, you have about 5 min to make an exposure before the plate dries. Once the exposure is made, the plate is then developed and fixed right away. The length of the exposures are generally a few seconds to a minute long.

We love the combination of using this old process with our modern approach to imagery and portraiture. The uniqueness of each plate creates a one of kind piece.

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