Wes & Necia Craft photographed Lisa & Gunnar's Fall Wedding at The Grove and Redfield Estate in Glenview, IL. They had an intimate gathering of family and close friends and unique touches such as a delicious wine made by a close friend and pies instead of cake. Waterlily Events did an amazing job of coordinating the day. facebook.com/waterlilyevents

Lisa & Gunnar wanted to give a shout out to ALL of her amazing vendors that added special touches to this wedding.

Photography - Wes Craft Weddings - wescraftweddings.com
First Slice (Pies) - firstslice.org
Groomsmen (Vests & Ties) - dessy.com
Bridesmaids (dresses) - zara.com
A Touch of Elegance (staffing & Equipment) - atouchofeleganceevents.com
The Grove Redfield Estate (venue) - glenviewparks.org/index.php/facilities-parks/the-grove/redfield-estate/
Salernos (catering) - salernoscatering.com
Mira Couture (dress) - miracouture.com
Kim Johnson (florist) - friend
AMP (lighting) - ampdjservices.com
Jordyn Daniels (make-up) - facebook.com/jordyndanielshairdesigns
Nightingale Beauty (hair) - nightingalebeauty.com

We always conduct a post-wedding interview with our brides and here's what Lisa had to say about her wedding.

Wes: What are three adjectives that describe your wedding's vibe or theme?

Lisa: DIY, Vintage, Rustic

Wes: What is your best or favorite memory or moment of the wedding day?

Lisa: Standing at the ceremony, holding my husband's hands, and looking out to see all of our favorite people collected together and beaming smiles back at us.

Wes: Do you have any advice for future brides as they plan their wedding? What would you do differently? What would you do exactly the same?

Lisa: I would not to DIY wholesale flowers again. Mine turned out amazing and perfect in every way because I had my very talented and experienced florist friend, Kim Johnson, help me. BUT, they were a source of a lot of worrying and they took a good deal of work. You must time the delivery perfectly so that the flowers are able to bloom on time for your wedding day, but not bloom too soon. They must be received and processed immediately when delivered with very specific care instructions (usually 2 days before the ceremony), and kept in a cold place, or else they can die. It takes some detailed planning to determine the exact quantity of flowers you will need, but it's recommended you order more than you need in case some flowers have problems. If you do choose this route, I would arm yourself with a team of 3-4 friends to help, one of which knows a great deal about floral arranging.

Wes: Where did you honeymoon? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?

Lisa: We honeymooned at The French Manor in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania! The peace, quiet, and pampering was exactly what we needed together after a year of planning a DIY wedding. I would recommend this location for someone who wants their hiking, horseback riding, and solitude, but also need their couple's massage, gourmet meals, and hot tub, too.

The songs in this slideshow were legally licensed from The Music Bed. "Remember When (Instrumental Version)" by Us & Our Daughters + "Blackwoods, Whitebeach" by Afterlife Parade.

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