DKLW Lowe have launched a new Christmas campaign for Morrisons directed by Si & Ad at Academy and stars Jo Hartley from This is England.

Christmas can be overwhelming for anyone and this warm tale shows a man and his wife preparing for the big day. At one point the husband and wife stand excitedly in front of the Christmas tree before he bends down to perform the ceremonious turning on of the lights. At the moment the lights come on all the pine-needles fall off the tree, leaving them looking rather dejected.

After discussing the project with Si & Ad we decided CGI was the best route to achieve the tree shot. 3D Artist Harin says ‘We filmed a real Christmas tree on set with lights switched on for reference and then built a completely CG naked tree and populated it with needles using particles.’ Careful consideration was given to the amount of branches modeled as initially the bare tree looked too sparse. It also required a huge amount of needles to look realistic, 800,000 in total! Subtle movement was then given to the branches as the needles dropped.

The commercial features a great moment when ‘mum’ wrestles with an animated turkey which was shot in stop frame and composited into the live action plates by Jason Watts.

Jason Watts (Flame Artist) attended the shoot and supervised VFX.

Director: Si & Ad
Agency Producer: Abigail Tarrant
Production Company: Academy
Producer: Lucy Gossage
Creative Director: Dave Henderson & Richard Denney
Agency Creatives: Tom Hudson, Helen Rhodes & Matt Lever
VFX Supervisor: Jason Watts (Finish)
Lead Flame: Jason Watts (Finish)
3D: Harin Hirani (Finish)
Nuke: Hannes Doomaert & Catarina Ferreira
Post Producer: Justine White (Finish)
Editor: Joe Guest (Final Cut)
Colour Grading: Aubery Woodiwiss (The Mill)

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