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Part 2: Gladman Chibememe, Chibememe Earth Healing Association
Cultural Appropriate Communication: A Communities’ Perspectives

The Equator Initiative recognizes and advances local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. In the newly launched publication The Power of Local Action: Lessons from 10 Years of the Equator Prize, the Equator Initiative presents 12 key lessons on successful community-based action for the environment and development. One of these lessons is that ‘communication is a powerful agent of behavior change’. Equator Prize winners demonstrate this through: peer-to-peer learning exchanges, the use of project sites as centers of excellence, the deployment of extension officers and extension services, the use of culturally appropriate communications strategies, innovative usage of media and technology, the establishment of knowledge networks, participatory needs assessments, and the engagement of youth and children. This reception brings together ten representatives from Equator Prize winning communities to present their work in each of these areas of grassroots communications, education and public awareness innovation. Stations will be set up for communities to present in a rapid-fire, rotating, interactive format.

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