The project is supported by the EWMI’s policy, advocacy, and civil society development in Georgia (G-PAC) program. Within the framework of arts for advocacy grant program, where two sub issues under our main theme “more civism less cynicism” are being addressed. The issues are:
• Lack of public education vs. brain drain religious dependency (faultily handled and interpreted, causing the societal clashes and problems, serving as a constrain to countries civil societies development)
• LGBT issues, so tabooed, stereotyped and metaphorically attired and rooted in our genes so strongly that it is inherently transferred to one generation to another.
By doing so, we intend to educate public on the above-mentioned issues and raise the consciousness of tolerance, solidarity and spiritual intelligence so secluded within the Georgian public.
Main objective

• Educate general public about civics; increase citizen’s participation in social uplift by cultivating the notion of solidarity and tolerance, so lacked in today’s Georgian society We believe that the solidarity effectively contributes to build a better society with more dignity and pacifism, helps to overcome all types of endogamy. For the tolerant person the other person’s life is not something that leaves him/her indifferent, on the contrary feels responsible for the situation. The duty of solidarity not only implies to recognize the other when the person is the subject of duties and rights, but also protests against the structural injustice, the mechanisms that originate social exclusion and discrimination, band the moral of striking for the better, new culture and for the new social order. Hence, by doing so we will encourage the development of a better-informed and more socially sensitive Georgian public.

The project will contribute to:

• Promoting sense of solidarity and tolerance with in the general public
• Educating public on the issues addressed
• Engage media and other organizations, think tanks or public bodies working on the same issues
• Raising Georgian citizens’ awareness about LGBT rights
• Changing Georgian citizens’ attitude towards homophobia and religious intolerance

Final Product

Educative and anti stigma Social video spots on TV1 and TV2 during month of October till 16thof November (the world tolerance day) when the final photo exhibition and video installation presentation will take place at “underground gallery” located at the heart of the old district of Tbilisi, the Leselidze street.

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