Innovators across America are creating opportunity, jobs and economic impact in their cities and towns. What if we could break down the walls of competitive silos and create a collaboration of national and local policymakers, educators, business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and ordinary people with extraordinary ideas?

What if we didn't wait for the Washington D.C. battle over a fiscal cliff for us to invest in the small innovative stuff that's working across America to produce jobs and wealth?

The ScaleUp Campaign is the one campaign Americans across the fruited plains and political divide can support as a common cause that benefits us all. What's going on in your local communities that deserves attention and support? Add your voice to the ScaleUp Campaign by visiting Follow us on Twitter @scaleupcampaign and join the Twitter conversation by using hashtag #scaleup.

The ScaleUp Campaign is an initiative of The America21 Project in partnership with Next Economy Partnership Project.

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