Environment (0:020:50)
My Work: Modeling, textures, lighting, and rendering
Others' Work: Based off of designs by Andy Ristaino (
Programs: Autodesk Maya 2012, Adobe Photoshop, Mental Ray, Adobe After Effects

Lip Sync (0:521:05)
My Work: All character animation and lip sync, environment modeling, lighting, and rendering
Character Rig: Andy by John Doublestein (
Audio: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind obtained from for their October 2011 challenge.
Programs: Autodesk Maya 2012, Mental Ray, Adobe After Effects

Character Animation (1:061:11)
My Work: Character animation, character modeling and UV layout, environment modeling and texture maps
Others' Work: Body rigged using The Setup Machine (, face rigged using Face Robot, lighting by Alex Kleuser (, character textures by Melinda Stanley, rendering and compositing by Sean Gagnon (
Programs: Autodesk Maya 2012, SoftImage Face Robot, Adobe Photoshop

Run/Jump Animation (1:121:15)
My Work: Character animation
Character Rig: Moom by Ramtin Ahmadi
Programs: Autodesk Maya 2012

Fluid Simulation (1:171:26)
My Work: Fluid simulation, environment modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering
Programs: RealFlow, Autodesk Maya 2010, Mental Ray, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

Hair Simulation (1:271:35)
My Work: Hair simulation, animation, rendering
Others' Work: Hair created with Shave and a Haircut (, character modeled by Nathan Billington (, rigged using The Setup Machine and The Face Machine (

A hard copy of my Demo Reel Breakdown can be downloaded at

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