The winner of the 24 hour competition organised by EMPS between 10-11th November 2012

A young woman sues her flatmate for the outrageous offence of stealing her milk from the fridge, and maybe some other things.

Directed by:
Juan Venegas

Written by:
Juan Venegas
Jônathas Soares.

Produced by:
Jônathas Soares
Michael Westcott

Director of photography:
Michael Westcott

Edited by:
Michael Westcott
Juan Venegas

Actors (in order of appearance):
Sian Fiddimore - Judge
Clarisse Loughrey - Miss Stokes
Colin Cuninghame - Mr. Peacock
Jônathas Soares - John Miles

Absent feet - Dorian's in bloom.

Equipment used:
Canon 60D with 18-135 mm lens and 50 1.8 mm lens
Marantz with shotgun microphone with boom pole
Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly (traveller edition) (essential)
Flycam nano steadicam with arm brace
DV650 Video Tripod

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