Motion graphics, music video made for polish artist l.u.c. ( ).

I took Terry Gilliam's animations from Flying Circus as an inspiration for this one.

This song is about sending positive vibrations and good energy to other people, because that energy circulating and flying through universe, touching other beings finally will come back to you bringing happiness. It's about karma.

Here's rough translation of polish lyrics, I'm aware that rhymes, language-playing sentences and things that could only be understood here in Poland are all gone, but well, maybe it will help a little.

I know nothing 'bout the herrings nor much about the people
Understand a bit of life yet I'm taking part in it
I'm betting on imagination and honest feelings
In turn suffering from passions ADHD poisonings
My ideas weight so much that Pudzian's working out with it
Though I have a nature of an egg
On top, on the bottom just like dumb-bells, like Bobik's weener
That's the life of busker, I have a lark
Having no choice, flying through the space like Lajka
I don't want to be seasonal like Malajka the cinema in Mikolajki
When I have a mic I can wear even tights
I'm consumed by a taiga of rhymes
I love to spin those syllables out
Here everything is possible trust me life's a fairy tale
If you'll just imagine even Mrs. Ula Dudziak can hum for you

And so Fernando is not a coincidence here
Metaphor of herring which gone blind
Blindly believing that life will gladly send him happiness
I think he's good at it
Just like minister Belka with his government
The sweet of this moment is as enjoyable as gummy-bears and suddenly
I'm flushed by a great ladle of distance
I'm not popping, Me, L.U.C., I'm not a Konopielka nor a doll hang on a
faith's braces
And the method is a choice of philosophy just like BIOS which you
install on jumpers and wires
Happiness pops-up on a life's catwalk like a beautiful model
On a while just like coca-cola bubble
For a moment like Idol-created talent
Good energy comes back to me like Jedi so I'm passing it on
Circle is opening
Sent energy comes back like a boomerang


I give you as much, as you give him, the one that gives me back
Energy just like boomerang thrown out of window
I give you as much, as you give him, the one that gives me back
Today I'll fill it up for you, tomorrow I'll drink it myself
I give you as much, as you give him, the one that gives me back

director/design/animation - Michał Dziekan
animation - Grzesiek Paluch
producer - Marcin Kobylecki/Platige Image

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