Stage 9 Laura - Cooktown
Sun 28. Oct. 2012 140 km / 1150 m
This road used to be the most hated one for years because of the corru- gations - now the first 85 km have just been renovated. A fast wide road - but most of the time head wind from the Ocean. The last 40 km on roads with traffic, be careful follow the road traffic regulations. There is always a very strong headwind! The last 20 km are on asphalt road. The finish is on a 1 km steep climb (30 % steepness) on Grassy hill. Take the stairs to the finish.
COOKTOWN: The history of Australia tells us that Cooktown was Cook’s first landing place. After hitting a reef with the “Endavour” he stranded in 1777. Only 100 years later Cooktown became a loading harbour for the gold yields of the gold fields on Palm River. Those days Cooktown became the second biggest town in Queensland because of the gold fever. Nowadays there is not much left of the 65 pubs that were posted along the main street that was 3 km long those days. Today the town with about 1000 inhabitants seems to doze more than anything else.

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