Copyright 2012
Carolyn Striho & Scott Dailey
Sardine Enterprises Productions
Directed and Edited by Lindy Lenk

Dave Galler ~ Cinematography and Camera
Joe Thatcher ~ Grip and Gaffer
Cheryl Hall ~ Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe

Carolyn Striho Group
Scott Dailey
Ron Wolf ~ Percussion
Dave Dion ~ Bass
Bonnie Kay ~ Violin (live performance)
Nicole Dailey ~ Spoken Word Intro

Special Thanks to ~

Norm Fletcher
Mark Arminski
Robert Stewart
Robert Thibodeau

Russell Industrial Center, Detroit MI
Mayflower Bookshop, Berkley, MI


Hey, I was really gone
I was really goin' down
New York, Detroit, Toronto
All by myself
Way down low
I said
I saw this real pain
I saw this real hard, hard rain
And I crawled again
I crawled up on foot
I'm really goin' down
I'm really goin' down
I'm really goin' down
I'm really goin'

Six feet under
Sink deep down below
I can only wonder
Where the years go
Back seat driving
And searing pain
Holding on tightly
Eyes closed through the rain
Broken down buildings
Today is the day
Going down hard
We can only pray
New York, Detroit, Toronto
I'm coming through,
New York, Detroit, Toronto,
Always following you
Dark dusty roads
Walk across shattered glass
Submerged in acid
We're going down fast
(really going down) Going down fast

I saw a light
A shimmering light
I saw this light
A shimmering light!
it said
Take my life
Take me with this light
To the Promised Land

I know what you need
Damage done to make you bleed
I know from your stance
This here girl can make you dance
Baby you hold a better way
You've got so much better than yesterday's
Country roads, city face
I'd give you a better place

Where God could
Hold your hand
Lead you to the Promised Land

Maybe I'm on Paris time
Maybe I should buy a line
Looking at those lovely trees
I said, oh no, boy, I'll take you to your knees
Country roads
City face
I'd give you a better place
I know what you need
Come on boy and let me lead you

Let me take you by the hand
Lead you to the Promised Land
Understand, God is man

Won't you take me home?
All the way, somewhere where I'm safe and warm
For a day
Baby won't you take me home, take me home
Take me home?

Ahhhhh ohhh Ahhhhhh
Take me home

Aha, aha . . .

Oh baby, all right, all right
Sit right down and hold me tight
All right , all right, promised land is yours tonight.
(vamp out on Promised Land is yours tonight!)

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