January 1945 - Italy.

SOE agent Michael Lees is parachuted into German-held North Italy. His mission – to meet up with local partisans and cause mayhem behind German lines.

Within weeks, he locates an important German HQ. Take it out and Lees would sow chaos all along the front.

The attack is green lit and christened Operation Tombola...

An elite detachment of SAS Special Forces is sent to lead the attack. In charge is Roy Farran – a veteran who craves action and who disobeys orders to join his men on the raid.

By mid-March 1945 everything is set...then Allied HQ gets cold feet...they cancel...but Farran and Lees risk everything, disobey orders and press on.

The raid is a huge success and catches the Germans completely unawares.

But SOE agent Michael Lees is seriously wounded and the Germans launch a massive hunt for the attackers.

Roy Farran has a plan...first, he organises an audacious rescue mission for Lees, then he lays a deadly ambush for the Germans...

Next, a new order comes through to attack the Germans along a key supply route ahead of the imminent Allied Spring Offensive.

Farran leads nineteen ambushes using heavily-armed Jeeps before the advancing Allies finally reach him.

It is a triumphant finale to his war. The raid becomes SAS legend and Farran is given the American Legion of Merit.

Lees recovers from his injuries and is made a freeman of the nearby city of Reggio Emilia in 1949.

What’s more, both men get away with it and escape a court-martial.

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