Tips To Play IN THE ZONE For High School Golfers

Mental Toughness Trainer teaches high school golfers how to tap into their consistency to bring your best practice and training performance over to competition.

Tips To Play In The Zone For High School Golfers

We have two kinds of thinking, okay? We have conscious thinking and we have unconscious thinking. The object of the game, do you guys ever hear this, is playing unconscious. That's what you want to do.

That's the zone. That's playing on autopilot. That's no more thinking. That's just like you just walk and say I'll go there and your body just goes there.

That's the greatest thing in the world. That's how I broke par my first time. That's how I got down to a 5A handicap. All of it out practicing. The whole goal is to get into that flow state.

We've got conscious thinking and we've got unconscious thinking. Now here's the deal. You want to play golf with your unconscious thinking. That's the part of you that runs your body.

Here's the thing. Your unconscious does not care about your golf game. It does not care about your happiness. It doesn't care whether you do well in school here. It doesn't care about anything other than keeping you alive, but it is the hard seat soul of consistency.

Our heart beating is something that happens consistently from day one until we die. We can't stop it. It just keeps going. That's your unconscious mind that does that. It runs all your automatic functions.

So we want to tap into that system, that should be our goal. All that's left is hit the ball there, make the communication, and it does it. Let it do it. That is where trust comes from. Alright.

So here's how you actually do this alright? I recommend you actually name or personify your unconscious mind. There's a book called, Inner Golf by Tim Gallwey. He talks about self one and self two. Like there would be Craig One and Craig Two, which is my automatic golfer or my unconscious mind.

It doesn't matter what you call it, but I'd highly recommend you personify it. Next, you're going to have these conversations with it. Not out loud or anything where anybody can hear, but just knowing that we have this automatic consistent part of us. You're just going to talk to yourself like, Alright do it man! That's where you are actually going to get trust.

So you've hit how many great drives in your life? Thousands, right? Hundreds? A few dozens? Alright. Everybody has hit great shots with every club in their bag, true? We have all hit a great shot.

Now here is the thing. If you have hit a great shot just once, let alone dozens or hundreds or thousands, and some of you guys are better golfers. Then you have the instructions to do it again cause your unconscious mind is just like a computer - the operating system of your computer. That's your unconscious mind. That's the part you want to golf with, alright?

If we can tap into that, there's your automatic golfer.

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