Launchnest is an eLearning ecosystem made up of employers, contractors, and developers. We provide a crowdfunding platform to help developers get funding for eLearning development projects and a job portal to connect employers with freelance contractors.

We provide a solution to help innovators get funding for eLearning projects.
LaunchNest has created a crowdfunding support model for eLearning products and applications. Project creators will launch funding campaigns to support their projects and will establish rewards that will encourage others to invest in the project.

We provide an accessible and convenient way for employers to hire eLearning contractors.
LaunchNest will be a global online workplace made up of thousands of eLearning freelance contractors. Employers will be able to quickly find, review and hire expert professionals in the industry. We provide simplified and streamlined access to skilled professionals in the eLearning industry.

We help eLearning contractors get noticed, get hired, and to get jobs done.
LaunchNest provides a job portal that will connect employers with freelance contractors in the eLearning industry. Once hired, we provide an online workroom for employers and contractors to execute jobs. Our workroom features closed system messaging, file sharing, milestone and timeline tracking, status reporting, invoicing, and payment processing.

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