After listening to an audio interview of an Egyptian person living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), a group of children are inspired to make animated films.

In Egypt HIV/AIDS remains a taboo subject with limited public discussion and understanding. The aim of this project was to reduce some of the stigma attached to the disease and promote empathy with those living with disease.

The children were played audio of a PLWHA talking about how the disease affected their life, family and emotions. Specific references to HIV/AIDS were removed so that the children could focus on the emotions and feelings the individual spoke about. During the four day workshop some of the children spoke with their families and worked out that the disease was HIV/AIDS.

The children were asked to think of ways of representing the voice through metaphors. The children came up with a variety of imagery that they felt represented the emotions, fears, worries and bravery of the voice they listened to. The final animated films were presented alongside interviews of the children expressing some of their ideas and reasoning behind them.

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