Entrepreneurs Without Frontiers (EWF, ozg.be) is the first organization in the world to realize reforestation in the Sahel under the principles of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). A « green wall » sees the day across the whole breadth of Africa stopping desertification. It is a 4.830 miles long and 9 miles wide wall with a surface of 28.818.040 acres.

These CDM agroforests realize sustainable win-win situations for local people, the environment and investors. EWF aims to achieve four goals through these CDM agroforests: restoring agro pastoral activities within extreme conditions, increasing biodiversity (fauna and flora), promoting the education of both children and adults, realizing equity between men and women.

Through these CDM agroforests, EWF realizes three achievements in one go : a sustainable food production is assured for both people and cattle, desertification is ended through the increase of both flora and fauna biodiversity and finally agroforests entrap the greenhouse gas CO2.


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