When skateboarders / place makers / filmmakers Tim Yuen and Mat de Koning (2011 WA Young Filmmaker of the Year) were unsatisfied with the generic skate facilities that segregated skaters from the public spaces, they succeeded in finding a way of bringing their hobby into the public realm by consolidating public art and recreational activity.

To apply their innovative place activation project, they built a series of wooden objects, painted them primary colours, and placed them in public settings where they conducted guerrilla film shoots for the documentary SHARE PATH SKATE PATH.

This social experiment engaged a huge cross section of the community from all ages who expressed their impressions, concerns and solutions on how to make 'skate paths' a viable addition to public spaces, benefitting the community at large.

So what is a skate path? Take your favourite public park or piece of open space, now imagine a new path was created integrating a series of sculptures that attract kids, skateboarders, and a whole array of community members to observe and interact.

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