Foster parents are individuals or families who have made a commitment to provide care for the children without parental care and make them feel as a part of the family.
Since 2004. There has been an organized effort in Serbia on developing the fostering of children and creating the conditions for children without parental care to live more often in families instead of childrens’ shelters. The number of foster families is tripled. Today, 3500 foster parent’s cares for 4300 children without parental care. There are 15% of the children with problems in development among them. In childrens’ shelters all over Serbia, 270 children with difficulties in development are still waiting for their own foster family.

camera: Marija Vukelić & Goran Kovačević
editor: Darko Arsić
sound design: Milan Mihajlović
graphic design: Ciklografika
screenplay: Dušan Šaponja & Dušan Čavić
directed by Ivan Petrović
production: Save The Children & Belgrade family home center for children and juveniles & Ciklotron

This film has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union

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