Dr Jerry Tennant continues with his educational presentation and discussion of Understanding How the Body Works. Topics include:

*pain as the symptom of "low voltage" (energy)
*mucin in tissues related to high blood pressure
*the benefits of "electron donors" such as iodine and
*high pH water

He addresses aspects of hypothyroidism type 2 and the four components of "Metabolic Syndrome X" (which includes hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Apple Shaped Obesity and Increased Blood Fats).

Movies are show of electron stealers such as dental fillings releasing mercury poisoning with discussion of how metal in the mouth releases voltage in ones meridian system by short circuiting through the fillings.

From Dr. Tennant's research, practice and teachings of integrative energy medicine, he has developed a workflow process that includes electron donor equipment such as the FDA-cleared Tennant Biomodulator(r), solutions for healthy water, health air, EMF protection and more.

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