Damien and Cris share their love with you, including a love letter to each other.
The honesty and openess that is shared by Damien and Cris in these letters is so real, so honest and I believe so inspiring for all couples.
They have touched my heart deeply. I hope you will take them into your heart too.

Some thoughts from Cris "This stream of water to me represents life, it’s always on the run and flows in many different directions, it doesn’t stop for anything and just moves around the challenges put before it.
You have to take each day as a new day as the stream will keep running and leave you behind, let your fears and worries flow away and never dwell on them again.
Follow the stream up the hill and the journey it takes you on, don’t be scared to climb up and see what awaits for you.Life can be beautiful like the sound of the water running on the rocks don’t forget to take it in as the water can dry up and disappear, then there is no sound, no flow, & next life stops flowing on past you, your still, blank, lifeless."

Damien and Cris were gifted this Beloved session after they responded to a blog post earlier this year. Please have a read here lizarcus.com/beloved/together . I have photographed many same sex couples over the years, but sadly due to inacceptance within community they have not felt they could share their images publicly. Thank you Damien and Cris for being so open with your relationship. I hope this will encourage others to do the same.

Photography, audio and editing by Liz Arcus lizarcus.com
Licensed music - ' Little Balloon' (instrumental version) by Jenny and Tyler

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