City of Caves is the first videodance forming part of the "Cities Interpreted (Road Closed)" project developed by Belen Paton.
This project seeks to interpret the atmosphere of different cities, creating a dreamlike space through computer graphics. The collage is animated digitally to provide it with a sense of atmosphere (light, space, movement, sound, time). In this way, it generates a surreal space, but based on real parts of a city and as part of this reinterpretation and the atmosphere, it becomes one of the main elements.
This work was made in Nottingham, where there are caves that have grown to become a complex network under the city. That city of caves reveals the medieval past of the Nottingham, and its preserservation and development over the centuries as a pre-industrial city .

This work also counts on the collaboration of Maya Brinner as performer, giving a second look on the place and giving an aesthetic way to interact and be aware of the space surrounding us.

Concept, graphics and animation: Belén Paton
Choreography and performance: Maya Brinner

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