Sequence 1: As Laoyu expects Maofu to apprentice around the hives, Maofu immerses himself in his marketing textbook. Laoyu and Maofu argue about Maofu’s career focus.

Sequence 2: In the fall, heavy and continuous rain floods the valley path in front of their hut. Trapped in his cave bedroom, Maofu begins to open up and share his feeling about not finding a sense of belonging in either the city or the village.

Sequence 3: One day, a group of bees start abandoning a hive. The beekeeper immediately sets up a contraption, but it’s up to the bees whether they want to come back. Potential ending of the film.

Synopsis of the Documentary:
The old beekeeper wants to teach his son beekeeping, but the son wants to focus on developing marketing strategies. As their bees are abandoning the hives, the two generations struggle to reconnect and build their home and hives together in a Chinese mountain village.

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