This is a series of firsts for me. My first 3 attempts at time lapse photography, as in taking hundreds of still images shot over time, edited, and compressed into video format to show a lot of time passing in a very short spurt.

The first clip is overlooking the eastern portion of the Santa Clarita Valley facing north, the second clip is at Vasquez Rocks County Park facing south, and the third clip is facing the northeast in Sunland, California.

This is my first attempt using time-lapse software, techniques, and editing anything with iMovie (which is apparent from my lack of titles or credits). While I'm typically opposed to showing anything I feel is beneath my inflated standard of quality, I'm too excited about doing this to keep it all to myself. I hope you enjoy, and I hope I'm able to spend more time producing more interesting time-lapse videos in the future.

The music is by Controller 7, and the song is called Bunny Slippers.

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