Devin Hunt: User Sketching and Paper Prototyping

The best user experiences aren't born in your head. They are created through mindful design, user feedback, and iteration. This workshop will introduce and demonstrate two techniques: User Sketching and Paper Prototyping. These two tools will help you gather, analyze, and extract actionalble learning from both user and team feedback, regardless of what stage your product is at. We'll get down and dirty quickly, so bring a pen and be ready to draw!

Intro & Editing:
Intro Music: Cool Cavemen - Vent D'Art
Intro Icons (from The Noun Project): Hat designed by pixeline, Sofa designed by Sofie Hauge Katan, Popcorn designed by andrei antonescu, Coffee designed by Jacob Halton, Refrigerator designed by Dara Ullrich, Balloon designed by Robb Whiteman

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