Video by Balazs Maar for Waterlily by Christine Gauthier ( Shot at the Waterlily Fashion show during Cambodia Fashion Week 2011 at the Phnom Penh Railway Station.

Balazs Maar is a european fashion photographer based in Asia (, he is also co-founder of Kimchi Collective (

Christine Gauthier, founder and designer of Waterlily, was born in Montréal (Canada) but spent all her childhood and adolescence in Paris (France) where her family owned an artifact gallery called Paul Ollivary in rue Jacob in distict 6 of Paris, developing an early interest in Christine for flea markets, exhibitions, museums and artifacts and giving to Christine the opportunity to work in advertising agencies during 10 years. After a first trip of 6 months in Cambodia in 1987 filming & shooting Cambodian Refugee Camps, she decided to come back with his family in 1996 to establish her base in Phnom Penh.

“Waterlily” is the perfect excuse for Christine Gauthier to express her creativity through her love for the flowers and Cambodian nature and also for her passion of the color using all kind of beads mixed with recycled materials. The results are exclusive creations that attract local buyers as well as tourists visiting Cambodia and other clients abroad.

Nowadays, Christine Gauthier creations are frequently present in fashion magazines, in collaborations with other brands and designers for their fashion shows and photo shoots and also participating in different trade fairs around Asia. A high peak of 2011 was Christine's participation to Cambodia Fashion Week 2011 placing Waterlily by Christine Gauthier as one of the essential accessories designers.

Waterlily boutique is located in Phnom Pen, in street 240, in the heart of the fashion district of the capital and there is also a retail shop at Phnom Penh International Airport.

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