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Plyo Dance™. Get FIT without the SHOCK!™

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Plyo Dance™ created by internationally renowned Fitness Expert and Media Personality Mario Godiva.
Plyometrics, Core, and Conditioning meet Dance in this high intensity but low impact and knee friendly full body experience that utilizes Plyo Glides™ and Kangoos, rebound sport shoes that are easy to balance in. Incorporating the *Self Propulsion Technique™, Plyo Dance™ is simple to follow and designed for all ages and fitness levels from the beginner to the seasoned athlete and will allow you to burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. Expect to incinerate fat as you build muscular strength and endurance, increase cardiovascular power and endurance (VO2 Max), as well as significantly improve your balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility. Set to the tune of Top 40 Dance Remixes, you'll run, jump, glide, and get airborne, receiving all the benefits of Plyometrics and rebounding while torching up to 50% more calories, reducing most of the shock to your knees/joints, and keeping a smile on your face. Generally used by athletes to improve performance in sports that involve speed, quickness, and power, Plyometrics is a type of exercise designed to produce explosive and powerful muscular movements by allowing the muscles to exert maximum force in the shortest amount of time. By absorbing most of the impact and shock to your joints, Plyo Dance™ gives you all the benefits of Plyometrics without the risk of injury and allows the injured to still partake without pain or re-injury.

*Self Propulsion Technique™ is a signature technique designed by Mario Godiva that is an application of Newton's Third Law of Action and Reaction and helps you maximize the rebound effect of rebound shoes. For the beginner it's as simple as pushing down to go up. For the advanced and athletes it's using your muscles and kinetic energy to push with a downward force and efficiently utilize the equal push back force in the opposite direction resulting in upward acceleration and/or forward locomotion. Mastering this technique will improve your vertical jump height, launch velocity control, speed, agility, proprioception, power and balance.

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