d: you don't even know what's going on in israel.
m :okay. that's right,you don't know what's going on in israel. maybe you shouldn't be speaking on the subject.
c :are you guys serious?
m :maybe you should leave it to me.
c: do you know what's happening in israel?
m: of course, bro. i read the newspaper.
c:okay. well, you know what?why don't you crack an egg of knowledge all over me, buddy?
d:okay. can i start?
m: yeah.
d:well, okay. there's a war on terror...charlie,have you ever seen cnn?...okay, george bush right now...
m: well, start from the beginning.saddam hussein has the oil.okay?
d: charlie, it is a war on terror.
m: we have decided to help the people of israel...
d: to give our oil back to us...
m: by defeating saddam hussein.
c: my head is, like, swelling with knowledge.
m: it's freedom, charlie.

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