Here is a short film about the week long Cambridge based event, Ladyfest Cambridge which ran in 2007.

The film is experimental in its execution, shot on Super 8 Tri-X with sound recorded on mini-disc. You can often here the noise of the Super 8 camera in the background.

Ladyfest Cambridge consisted of over 70 performances over 7 days in 7 venues across Cambridge in 2007. The stark grain of the Super 8 and poorly recored sound (by me) helps to convey the excitement of the event.

Like a lot of my projects, the footage has languished on a hard-drive, staring at me reproachfully until I gave in and completed the edit, now in 2012 after more than 5 years!

Ladyfest is a global phenomenon, a not-for-profit celebration of female creativity and performance.


Film by Simon Mullen

Event Management Jo Tomkins

Performers in Order of Appearance
(Were Known):

Monday Club
Natalie Lake
Jaqui Carnell
Hannah Dunleavy
Laurence Star
Elisa Ashdown
Katy Price
Vidya Math
Lara Jaffey
The Ladies Mercury
Kira Hungin
Eva Meijer
Emily Fraser
Lorraine Jordan
Stutter Bunny

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