We live in a multi-screen commercial world. TV, computers, tablets and mobile devices have turned the traditional purchase funnel into a purchase pretzel. Consumers no longer follow the traditional, linear steps to conversion, but now follow a much more circuitous path that jumps spontaneously from screen-to-screen. This new path-to-purchase is highly individualistic, driven by the consumer, and very difficult to predict.
Marketers and advertisers must learn to be omni-present for their consumers by engaging them meaningfully based on the channel AND making that engagement relevant for the other channels.
This webinar will cover how mobile advertising strategies and tactics fit into an effective multi-channel strategy; how to use mobile to strengthen other channels and vice versa, and give forward-looking guidance on the role that mobile will play in commerce.

Jessica Angell, Head of Marketing, PayPal Media Network

PayPal Media Network

Live Webinar Date: May 17, 2012

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