Tim Ferriss, New York Times best-selling author, and Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge, talk about Tim's new book The 4-Hour Chef. Pick up your autographed copy of The 4-Hour Chef at Samovar Tea Lounge while supplies last: samovarlife.com/the-4-hour-chef-by-tim-ferriss-available-at-samova.... And check out the Limited Edition Tea Starter Set at 50% off, featuring teas in The 4-Hour Chef at http://www.teastarterkit.com.

Show notes:

- Learn how to "rapid learn"; in two months you can learn the equivalent of culinary school

- How to become a self reliant, world class learner

- The principles of learning (tea or anything for that matter)

- Create a recipe for learning, series of steps: deconstruction, breaking down something big into its smaller parts

- Selection: 80/20 analysis, pick the 80% of the focus

- Sequencing: putting things into the right order

- Stakes: creating carrots or stakes as a payoff to getting "there"

- How to compress learning, such as putting 6 months of cooking into 4 hours

- It's possible to become world class in anything

- How to learn to focus? That's the challenge

- Ritual is a great way to focus

- Tea pairings matched with food in the book

- Tea is a ritual that calms you down and uplifts and energizes too

- The ritual of tea slows you down - and this ritual lags in the US

- To write The 4-Hour Chef, the secret was to slow down in order to speed up

- What is tea? And what is good tea?

- How to learn to taste and discern flavors, in tea and food

- Training the mind in the dojo of the kitchen

- How to pair tea with your meal: core principles

- How to brew the perfect cup of tea

- What makes for the perfect teapot?

- The value of slowing down: it makes life better!

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