- It's a good bet that when you're kicking back at your local bar, the last thing on your mind is where the barley in your beer came from. And even further from your mind is where the equipment came from to grow and harvest that barley. But that's exactly where we come in.

Meet Tom Howell of Howell Farms. Tom's family has been farming in eastern Idaho in the Upper Snake River Valley for over 100 years.

"We farm seed potatoes and malting barley for Anheuser Busch and Corona beer out of Mexico," Tom said. And for several years now, Government Liquidation has been Tom's source for trucks and other equipment for use on the farm.

He buys large trucks for hauling grain or potatoes and uses a contact maintenance truck with a 6.2 liter diesel motor for repairs. He also owns an M819 aircraft recovery wrecker truck with the additional manual extension, which is great for picking up pumps or grabbing something at a distance.

"We've been replacing a lot of our older civilian trucks," Tom explains. "We've been buying a lot of the 800 and 900 series trucks with the 250 Cummins in them." Not only are the military trucks able to withstand the rigors of farm life, but as Tom says, "They'll have less than 20,000 miles on them. We can actually have those trucks up and ready to go to work for less than $12,000."

Entrepreneurs and small business owners like Tom are finding great deals by registering for free on and purchasing government or military surplus. The large pool of property makes it possible to both find what they need and set their own price by participating in the Internet online auctions.

And while there are surplus items in about 500 different categories, Tom can't get enough of the military vehicles: "These are vehicles that are available if you watch Government Liquidation and keep your eyes open," he said. Click here to view a list of available military trucks and trailers:

And next time you're at the bar, do us a favor and raise a glass to Howell Farms and Government Liquidation.

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