December 2012
Reel Break Down:

1- Gus:
Modeled, Shaded and Rigged in Maya using MEL.
Built a MEL based code to have a high control over the hair. The whole hair can be controlled with a master controller, while each chunk of hair can have its own individual parameter.
Done at Hornet Inc. for short animation.
2- Toyota:
Rigged 3 Toyota cars.
MEL based rig, which allows the animator to attach any of these cars to any road, and then start animating the car, while the car is always attached to the road, even if the road is deformed.
Done for "Toyota Stories of Better" project at Hornet Inc.
3- Vacuum:
Modeled, Shaded and Rigged in Maya.
"BeanCaught" student short animation.
4- Blob:
Rigged in Maya.
Used some expressions to build the wobbliness of the character, while maintaining full control for the animation.
Rigged at Hornet Inc. for short animation.
5- V-ray MultiMatte tool:
This tool is designed for Hornet Inc. pipeline to facilitate the process of assigning custom v-ray render elements to a huge set of objects, and naming them easily.
The tool is easily controlled, with the ability of adding and removing objects to and from each element ID.
Developed for Hornet Inc.
6- Hyundai:
Worked as CG Layout Artist. All the layout is modeled in Maya.
Hyundai "Driveway Decision Maker" projection project by Bossa.
Have the full experience at:
Done at Hornet Inc.

7- City:
Modeled and Shaded in Maya, Lighting in mentalray.
"BeanCaught" student short animation.
8- Microscope:
Modeled and Shaded in Maya.
Student project.
9- Accountant:
Modeled, Shaded and Rigged in Maya.
"BeanCaught" student short animation.
10- Giraffe:
Modeled, Shaded and Rigged in Maya.
Student project.
11- "Beyond the Spheres":
Experimental animation. Done in Aftereffects.
12- "Resuscitation":
Designed and animated in Aftereffects.
Promotional project

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