"Tales of Dschinghis: The Begun of Tigtone" Trailer
A BRAND NEW SHORT FILM! From the very same people who brought you the "Tales of Dschinghis: The Begun of Tigtone" Trailer!
Coming 2013


Nils Frykdahl - Tigtone
Bill Corbett - Ghost Wizard
Lucy Davis - The Captive Sun
Mike Stoklasa - Beefankle the Blacksmith
Melora Creager - Queen Princess of the Geodon Serpents; Peganone Villagers
Stephen Lea Sheppard - Wood Elf
Gregg Turkington - Cave Demon
Joseph Scrimshaw - Newborn Cyclops

Additional Voices:
Jay Bauman
Rich Evans
Dawn McCarthy
Larry DiTillio
Rowby Goren

In search of monsters and their treasures and quests that pertain to any combination of those two things, Tigtone has found himself, and by proxy ourselves, at the mercy of a Ghost Wizard smack dab in the middle of the Temple of the Two Keys. The Ghost Wizard sends Tigtone on a mission of which the fate of the world may depend (that part is optional).

Over the course of his journey, Tigtone finds the very sun itself imprisoned in a cave, is confronted by a preposterously clad snake goddess, endures the endless torrents of blood being vomited on him by Skeleton Lords, utterly wastes his animal-control powers, and finally kills hundreds in a fit of misguided vengeance.

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