This is a video presentation of a tilt shift filter created by Chris Brands and Michael Richos. This was done at Rochester Institute of Technology for the class Digital Image Processing II.


Held, R. T., Cooper, E. A., O’Brien, J. F., and Banks, M. S. 2010. Using Blur to Affect Perceived Distance and Size. ACM Trans. Graph. 29, 2, Article 19 (March 2010), 16 pages. DOI = 10.1145/1731047.1731057

OKATANI, T. AND DEGUCHI, K. 2007. Estimating scale of a scene from a single image based on defocus blur and scene geometry. In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2007. CVPR ’07. IEEE Conference on. 1–8.

The Sandpit – film by Sam O'Hare

NBC Coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games

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