A collection of work up until late 2012.

Contact me at kyle@motionrockstar.com

00:05-00:06 : Tilt no more educational psychology series (Illustration, Direction, Animation)
00:07-00:08 : Black Member title (used for all VIP video marketing)
00:08-00:10 : "888.com" intro for Black Member party video coverage
00:10-00:14: Tilt no more educational psychology series
00:15-00:16 : "William Hill.com" title for Black Member party video coverage
00:16-00:18 : PokerStrategy.com general intro (Direction, Motion Graphics)
00:19-00:21 : "Full Ring Throttle" intro for educational series (Direction, Motion Graphics)
00:22-00:23 : Motivational video concept (Direction, Videography, Compositing, VFX)
00:24-00:26 : Black Member Party (Videography, Editing)
00:26-00:28 : Title for educational poker series
00:30-00:33 : "A girl with a dream" intro for videos from blog
00:33-00:35 : PokerCamp title made with Element
00:36-00:38 : PokerStrategy.com TV marketing in France (Direction, Motion graphics)
00:38-00:40 : "Theory Battle" Intro for educational series
00:40-00:42 : JetStream webvideo (Videography, Editing)
00:42-00:43 : BetFair title for VIP event video
00:48-00:49 : PokerStrategy.com & PokerHeaven TV world Championship

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