Big Data—you can barely walk past a newsstand without seeing those words emblazoned on magazine covers. But does Big Data represent a big change or a big cliché? Revlon has voted for big change! As consumers grow evermore connected, generating evermore moments of interaction with media properties, brands and each other, savvy marketing organizations like Revlon’s have evolved quickly. In Revlon’s case, it has adapted by using real-time analytics and insights from social data to connect to its consumer. The result has been more effective marketing spend across the entire campaign process, a surge in engagement, and consumer enthusiasm for the 80 year-old cosmetics company. Join Revlon’s Vice President for Marketing and Global Portfolio Leader, Julie Marchant-Houle, in conversation with Networked Insights CEO Dan Neely, about the ingredients of a modern marketing organization and how Revlon used real-time intelligence to connect with its customers.

Keynote Speakers:

Julie Marchant-Houle
VP Marketing and Global Portfolio Leader - Revlon

Dan Neely
CEO - Networked Insights

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