Incidental Insurgents Installation View

Part 1: Installation; documents, images, props, two record players, desktop computer, sound 13’ loop of vinyl crackle, 35’51” video loop.
Part 2: 6 minute one channel video and two channel sound (

The installation is a heightened version of the artist’s studio where the research material, in its obsessive details and layers is presented alongside intimate details of the artist’s daily life and thoughts. A vinyl player spins stuck at the end of the record, and scenes from films loop endlessly on the computer, creating the unsettling impression that the artists have just left. In the video and sound piece, the artists pick up where the installation left off, an investigation into their own complicated position as artists, as potential bandits or the naïve desire to be, or perhaps their failure at both.

A search that begins with four seemingly disparate coordinates, the early anarchist life of Victor Serge and his contemporary bandits in 1910’s Paris; Abu Jilda and Arameet and their bandit gang involved in a rebellion against the British in 1930’s Palestine, the artist as the quintessential bandit in Roberto Bolano’s novel The Savage Detectives set in 70’s Mexico, and the artists themselves in present day Palestine. Weaving the first part of the story by looking at the resonance between the inspiring, bizarre and sometimes tragic stories of these diverse bandits, the outsider rebel par excellence often rewritten as mere criminals (or naively romanticized as wayward figures) and excluded from the narrative of revolutionary struggle. Ironically these figures most clearly articulate the incompleteness and inadequacies in the existing oppositional movements- whether the already weakened anarchist movement in Paris or the specter of failed revolution in the late 70’s Mexico- political language and imaginary.

Meant as an investigation into the possibilities for the future rather then the past, and using literary and factual texts as starting points, a convoluted story situated in multiple times starts to emerge. Initiating an obsessive search where the artists try to figure out how we again, like the bandits before us, find ourselves inhabiting a moment full of radical potential and disillusionment, in continual search of a language for the moment.

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