It was a great November day here in Ohio. Greg was making more Aerocross movies. We were there to mostly watch, and occasionally hold cameras.

Even though the first part we used Don's farm, he was missing in action. He was giving off-airport tailwheel instruction to a friend who just bought a Piper J-5 and is expecting delivery next month. However, Don had told us that 5 new strips had sprung up on his farm, and not one of them had been landed on yet. That is all Greg needs to hear, to show up with his Rans S-7 full of camera gear.

Another buddy, Ben, just happened to be flying past and saw us on the ground. He came in on the hill in his Luscome. He could be seen looking back and forth at our Alaska BushWheel tires then his, etc?? I need to send him a link to ABW.

Then Nick showed up with his camera, so things were getting better.

After lunch we went to the grandfather of Ohio hill strips, Arth International. Dick has been landing on rather moderate hills for over 40 years. Missionary pilots from around the world have trained at Dick's strip. There, two of Greg's youngest fans, Ashlyn and Autumn, showed up to get their pictures taken next to his airplane.

Just as we took off for home, Randy showed up in the air and escorted us home.

MUSIC - New Roman Times, On The Sleeve.

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