The Dream Machine, by Artist Shezad Dawood was commissioned by the Arbaaj Capital Art Prize in 2011, to build a three metre tall dream machine.

First built by Brion Gysin in the 1960s, the dream machine is a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli. In its original form, a dream machine is made from a cylinder with perforations cut into the sides, which is placed on a record turntable and rotated at 45-78 rpm. A light bulb is then suspended in the centre of the cylinder and the rotation speed allows the light to flicker through the holes. In the 1960s the dream machine captured the interest of a number of artists and scientists, including Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones in 1968.

Based on the original Dream Machine we scaled up the design to stand three metres tall, to create a permanent light sculpture. The installation is made using rolled and brushed stainless steel panels with the same pattern as the original machines, and then illuminated using seven fluorescent lights.

Since been unveiled in Dubai in 2011, the Dream Machine has yet to find a permanent home as it has been constantly included in exhibits around the world in Morocco, Finland and even Syria.

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