A line set is used to connect an indoor evaporator unit to the outdoor condenser in a ductless mini-split air conditioning system.

A line set includes a supply and return line, which run cooled R410-A refrigerant between the outdoor compressor and the indoor cooling unit to push cold air into the room. Since the suction line is cool, it also helps keep the compressor from overheating. Most mini-split units are pre-charged with enough refrigerant for 25-foot runs. Longer distances require additional refrigerant.

It is important to use a line set that is properly sized for your system based on the specifications of the indoor unit. In a single-zone system you will only need one line set; in a multi-zone system you will need one line set for each indoor unit you install. PexSupply.com sells pre-flared line-sets, which makes installation easier.

For more information please visit PexSupply.com or email professor@pexsupply.com with any questions.

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