For the past 40 years and running, a relatively forgotten and obscure sect of American automotive enthusiasts simply known as “Vanners” have shined up their shag carpet covered vehicular behemoths, tuned-out and trucked-in to an annual event known as The National Truck-In. Affectionately dubbed by its patrons as “The Van Nationals”, the event is part camping, part car show, and all party. Largely thought to have gone the way of the dinosaur, the custom vanning scene and its traditions remain alive and well among a small and close-knit group of the hardcore custom van owner.

Told through the eye’s of the event’s patrons, Vannin’ takes you into the sun drenched world of “show-fields”, “puppy truckers”, “s.l.u.t. buses”, and the enigmatic “two percent” movement; offering a entertaining all access look into a unique American subculture that saw it’s rapid rise and fall in the late 1970’s.

A documentary about custom vans and the vannin' lifestyle. Coming in 2013 by Andrew J Morgan and Nick Nummerdor.

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Music by:
Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows
Kemado Records

Soundtrack! ---- Danava, Heavy Times, Red Desert, Bonehawk, No Bails, Ian Link, The Salamanders, South Catherine Street Jug Band, & Jim Bacci.

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