Intro sequence 7th Tempo Documentary Festival

Shoot a late night in an Atlantic City back-lot, just yards from the cold ocean, this clip futures this lyrics:

There is no secret.
There is no secret, there is no mysteries.
There is just destiny and creativity.
Either you have it or you don´t.
It´s inspiration, if you are inspired, and I think if it comes from the heart if you are sincere.
Sincerity is everything.
That to me is the most important part, how sincere is your product, and does it bring joy? And does it bring pleasure. And does it bring information to people, does it stimulate the audience? Stimulation thats the key.

Tempo 06
Directed by: Göran Olsson
Produced by:Jenny Örnborn
Sound by: Johanna Olofsson
Shoot on A-cam by Ikonoskop
Client: Tempo Documentary Festival / Agneta Mogren

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