Episode 3 "Keep Your Friends Close" Premieres May 29th at 10:30am Pacific /1:30pm Eastern at candylandwebseries.com


Episode 4 "Confessions of a Bethany" / June 12
Episode 5 "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know" / June 26
Episode 6 "The Real Lucy" / July 10
Episode 7 "Ooops I Did It Again" / July 24

Candyland, a webseries by Damian Horan, Ali Scher & Win Bates, is an off-beat, satirical comedy featuring the toddlers of the Pacific Palisades Palace (preschool of choice for the über-wealthy socially elite of Southern California.) If you want your toddler enrolled, make sure her shoes are Gucci, her backpack is Louis Vuitton, and her survival instincts are razor-sharp.

Set in a world drenched in unrestrained wealth and melodrama, Candyland is a place where play dates are "penciled in," juice boxes have vintages, and recess is a social war-zone!

A contemporary 90210 with twice the unneccesary drama, characters one-third the age and a new girl who wants to fit in no matter what the cost.

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