To learn more about these projects and watch some of them, use my illustrated filmography:
There is a 4 minute version of the reel, if you are interested to see more of each project:

This cinematography reel consists of selected impressions from projects Tobias Deml shot as a cinematographer in 2012.
Colored in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 by Tobias.

List of Projects (in order of appearance):
"Rocco Bukatzoo" - Feature Film, Action/Comedy - Dir. Mikel Caprice
"What Have I Done" - Short Film, Western - Dir. Bob Buhrl
"Game Over" - Short Film, Musical - Dir. Leonie Viola Thoene
"Noumena" - Short Film, Sci-Fi - Dir. Ricky Martinez
"Hochschulreife" - Feature Film, Comedy - Dir. Alexander Peter Lercher
"Burn Scars" - Short Film, Horror - Dir. Jason Wilkinson
"Going Away" - Music Video, Silver Firs - Dir. Marc Bertel
"You and Me" - Music Video, Kiril Andreev - Dir. Ilgar Burdani
"iHave Russia" - Commercial, iHave Russia - Dir. Michael Avenson
"Itinerum Mentis" - Feature Film Prologue, Thriller/Romance - Dir. Simone Ronx
"Parents" - Short Film, Drama - Dir. Thales Correa

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